With the help of our friends and family we built a cabin,
with the help of the community we're building our brewery

It all started with a cabin in the woods


Our Story


It all started with a cabin in the woods. In 2010, Jeff McIlroy had an idea to build a log cabin on his property in Catoosa, OK. After recruiting his son, Austin, many other friends and family jumped on board in building the cabin from the ground up. Using lumber they milled themselves from the surrounding forest and other local resources, the cabin was born. Just a short trek through the woods and you can escape the daily hustle and bustle of life and find a quiet retreat. It became a host for all kinds of gatherings from weddings to class reunions. Many deep conversations, good beers, and great memories were shared at the Cabin. This source of fellowship is what inspired our brewery’s brand and why we hold up the cabin as our icon. With the help of our friends and family we built a cabin, with the help of the community we’re building our brewery. 


The dream of opening a brewery began after countless batches of home-brewed beer were made in grandma’s garage by two best friends, Austin McIlroy and Ryan Arnold. Through hard work and a passion for the beer making process, these batches of beer started tasting better and better. The home brewed ales became a centerpiece of laughter, joy, and togetherness amongst friends and family. Austin and Ryan quickly saw the potential of taking their passion for the brewing process to the next level. Ryan finished his Bachelors in Entrepreneurship from the University of Oklahoma, while Austin went to the World Brewing Academy in Chicago, IL and Munich, Germany. While in Munich, Lisa, Austin’s wife, worked on designing the Cabin Boys brand. Ryan joined the couple for a month and the Cabin Boys Business plan was completed. Taking inspiration from the European beer culture the three partners decided they wanted their beers to be ‘"crafted for community.’"


Returning to Tulsa, we found the home for our brewery in our 9,000 sq ft building on the corner of 7th and Utica. We strive to make quality-driven ales in the traditional styles, but with our own splash of creativity. These strong and bold ales have delivered a sense of community for hundreds of years, and we as a company strive to be a part of that tradition.